Whole mouth rehabilitation using a combination of porcelain crowns (front top teeth), bridges (back teeth) and white fillings (front bottom teeth).

Patient was a severe grinder and had many failing older fillings. Her back teeth were chipping and she had noticed that her front teeth were looking smaller.

This treatment was provided to improve bite function, aesthetics and to stabilise the patient’s teeth for the long term.

Teeth Bleaching Before and After

Closure of space between teeth using white fillings

Stained Resin Veneers Being Replaced for a Whiter Brighter Smile

White filling bridge to replace missing lateral incisors

Replacing broken tooth and decay removal with white filling material

Example of decay removal and posterior white filling bring placed

Removal of Amalgam (Silver Filling) from a broken tooth and replacing it with a white filling

Implant Restoration with Full Porcelain Crowns

Implant retained porcelain bridge restoration to replace four missing front teeth

Restoring implant (placed in the space behind the canine/eye tooth) with a porcelain crown

Tooth retained 3 unit bridge to replace missing front tooth (an alternative treatment option to implant placement)