At Beachmere Dental, we take our time with each and every patient, and answer any questions you may have in easy to understand terms. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed in a dental appointment, and leaving without understanding what needs to be done, how much it costs or how long it will take.

The team at Beachmere Dental will always explain every option and procedure in depth, and are always more than happy to address any concerns you may have.

Every one of our treatment plans is tailor made for each individual, and discussions can be had with Dr Elwynn as to which option you would like to take.

We use the highest quality white filling materials (Also known as Composite Resin) to fill teeth, and offer a standard one-year warrantee for all fillings*

White Fillings are becoming more popular due to the fact that less tooth structure needs to be removed (when compared to the older Silver/Amaglam fillings) and because of their natural appearance. At Beachmere Dental, we aim to make every filling look like just another part of the tooth, and have a broad range of shades to match your individual tooth.

White fillings can be used to replace old silver fillings, fill new cavities, repair broken or chipped teeth and to help close gaps between teeth.

Sometimes, a white filling may not be suitable for your tooth, and in those instances a veneer or a crown may be required for a better result.

Feel free to visit the “Our Work” page to see some examples of what can be done with white fillings.

*Please talk to your treating dentist for Terms and Conditions