While it is always ideal for you to keep your natural teeth, there are times where unfortunately teeth need to be removed.

Reasons for tooth removal can include:

  • Extensive decay where Root Canal Treatment cannot be completed
  • Bony infections persisting underneath and around the existing tooth
  • Irreparable fracturing of the tooth (cracked teeth)
  • Removal of supernumeries or “extra teeth”
  • Severe gum disease
  • In preparation for future orthodontic work (or braces)
  • Impacted or partially impacted teeth

At Beachmere Dental, we will always explain the procedure and associated costs prior to commencing the treatment. After the procedure, our team will give you a list of post-operative instructions and will always follow up your progress with a friendly TLC call and if required, a free review appointment. It is important to us that you are coping well after a tooth is removed, and we are happy to discuss all options available for you to have the missing tooth replaced (usually via a denture, bridge or implant).

Wisdom teeth can unfortunately cause many issues when they are coming through the gums (usually between the ages of 17-21), and at Beachmere Dental, we have the latest x-ray machines to help diagnose any wisdom teeth issues before they cause you pain or crowding issues.

Our In-house OPG Machine will eliminate the need to have a Whole Mouth Xray taken externally, so we can focus on addressing any wisdom tooth issue at hand on the day if applicable. This means less time in pain, and it will reduce the number of individual appointments needed.

As a general rule, wisdom teeth are often more difficult to remove with age, so our team at Beachmere Dental will often assess the likelihood of wisdom teeth issues in your mouth during your check-up and clean appointment.