It is important to understand that dental problems don’t often cause pain. As a result, it is easy to believe that you have great oral health and no mouth issues.

However, often dentists will diagnose dental decay and gum issues before they cause symptoms, resulting in less invasive and cheaper dental treatment. This is why it is important to not avoid the dentist, and to schedule regular recall visits to reduce the amount of time and money spent at the dentist in the long run.

Beachmere Dental encourages everyone to have a general check-up and clean every six months to help diagnose issues before they cause a tooth ache, and to help maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

Often, early diagnosis can result in a simple and cheaper filling rather than a root canal or a crown. Furthermore, those that brush and floss daily, and attend regular six monthly cleans experience less sensitivity and discomfort during their appointment, making their visits relatively painless.

Remember, our aim at Beachmere Dental is no pain, and to help maintain your oral health for the rest of your life.

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