Often, it is very hard to understand and visualise what needs to be done in your mouth when you see a dentist. Some people even leave their dental appointment quite anxious, not knowing or understanding what needs to be done and why.

At Beachmere Dental, we are focused on educating our patients on the issues at hand, explaining what needs to be done to solve them and what can be done to prevent them from happening again.

With a combination of the latest digital x-ray systems and digital intra-oral photographs, the team at Beachmere Dental will ensure you are aware of all issues and their requirements prior to leaving the surgery.

Our digital xray systems are paramount to diagnosing hidden issues, and have better resolution, shorter developing times and significantly reduced radiation than conventional films. In other words, you can be assured that our x-rays are as patient friendly as can be.

In addition to the latest intra-oral x-rays, Beachmere Dental is proud to announce that we also have a Whole Mouth X-ray (OPG) machine in-house, so having special x-rays to diagnose gum infections, impacted wisdom teeth and other oral issues can be done on the spot, without the need to book in for an x-ray elsewhere, and then return for a second appointment. This saves you time, travel and money.

Please see the “Our Work” Page for examples of intra-oral photos.